THE LAST VIKING :The Untold Story of the World's Greatest Heist.
(also called the Great Guernsey Robbery)
Ron Dawson's Brilliant First Novel, New UK Edition,Nov 2009 
Published by Mulberry Tree Books
First Published in UK and Canada by Trafford. 
Optioned for a Film within a year! Details Below.
The death of a close friend, the return of Ronnie Biggs to Britain and a phone call combine to break Ronnie Wheeler's deadly contract of silence. Knowing that it will cost him his own life, Ronnie the King of Wheeler Dealers and the last surviving member of the Aston Villains, a WW2 Veterans turned gangster mob, tells the inside story of the world's last Viking raid and the world’s greatest robbery. Telling of sea crossings from Weymouth in the dead of night in DUKW amphibious vehicles, the explosive, and often riotous, destruction of Guernsey’s links with the outside world, the savage capture of its police force, barbaric shootings, horrific torture and deaths, high stake gambles, treachery, revenge, inter-gang rivalries, the unremitting merciless powers of Her Majesty’s Secret Services, Nazi money laundering, impetuous and divisive sex, his is a fast moving story with unexpected twists and turns. But why was news of this massive and violent raid murderously and mercilessly suppressed by the British establishment?  Why did some of the gang walk free while others had to die? And just what was Ronnie's final deal, and why did he also have to die?
‘An accurate and enjoyable insight into criminal behaviour and the world of crime…. Told in the authentic voice of an unrepentant criminal, this book tells it as it really is!’
Mike Ford, Detective Sergeant (Retired), Crime Squad
'A gripping blow by blow, behind the scenes, account of the heist of the century! The criminal mind at its best!     
Dr Roger Merry, Psychologist   
‘An audacious robbery...An exciting adventure story...Refreshing realism...Consistently entertaining
Reviewer, Tindal Street Press>
‘The Diamond Geezer
Shaun Shackleton, Guernsey Press>


'Very enjoyable. Fun, sadness, violence put together really well. I highly recommend this book'.
J L D Granger, Amazon
'Well written with a gripping story line that holds the reader captive from start to finish. I look forward to reading more from this author'.
N S Waddell, Amazon.
'Really entertaining read. There are not many books I can't put down and this was one of them. Would make a great film. Love the setting and the characters are great!'.
W Webster, Luton, Amazon.


Brilliant! They must make a film of it.
'A good read'
A Thumping Good Read!
I took it to Guernsey with me and tracked the raid around the Island, it was like reliving it. Great stuff!
Just finished reading your book for the second time!...What a rattling good yarn.

MYSPACE.COM PEOPLE!!.   (ronthelastviking)
An awesome story! I want to see the movie! Tom Hollander should play George! There are so many parts that are going to stay in my head......really messy parts.....on the floor.
Nancy the Shieldmaiden, Texas, USA. 

'Loved it, loved it, loved it!!! Look forward to your next book.
Beefy, Portsmouth, UK. 

'I couldn't put it down, the way they did the heist was brilliant but the hint of humour in it made it better'.
Marky Mark, Bartley Green, Brum, UK.